What to Expect From Knee Replacement Surgery Outcomes

So a knee replacement for arthritis of the knee is a highly beneficial operation. The good or excellent results are 80 to 90 percent after surgery. So patients are told that 80 percent are extremely happy or ecstatic with the outcome, 10 percent are happy, but not ecstatic, and 10 percent are not happy at all. So right off the bat, one has to accept that there is at least a 10 percent risk of lack of satisfaction, and a 10 to 20 percent risk of ongoing pain after a knee replacement.

Hip Replacement: Materials for Hip Ball and Socket Surgery

If a patient is diagnosed with significant osteoarthritis of the hip with significant pain that is not responding to non-operative treatment, which includes medications, the use of a cane, and staying active and fit, then the consideration is that of a hip replacement.

Risks of Knee Replacement Surgery

So with any surgery there are risks with a knee replacement that one has to know about and decide if the risks are worth the benefits that they’re going to get from the knee replacement. The major thing that somebody needs to know is that with a knee replacement, much more so than other operations such as a hip replacement, it’s really about managing expectations.

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Dr. Bassam Masri

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